As languages such as English, Spanish and Mandarin become more widely spoken, there is a concern that many minority languages may disappear. Some countries have taken steps to protect minority languages. What is your view of this practice ?

As the world integrated, many people willing to learn a second language which is mostly includes English, Spanish and Mandarin.
situation contributes disappearance of non-popular languages.
, some communities aim to take effective actions by preserving theirs. In my side of view, these protections are necessary and most value them. In
essay, I will outline my vision in
case and present some reasons. In my opinion, language is part of culture. Every country should treasure their history and nationality and take intensive steps to protect it.
For example
, as an Iranian, I believe that my mother tongue is sort of my identification, alongside consist of the ancestor's effort to make a sufficient way of communication.
, they have simplified communication. In Iran, the Persian Language and Literature Academy exists that encourages people to substitute foreign words for native.
a huge amount of the population intends to learn popular languages to be internationally active .
For instance
in Korea, King Sejung attempted to invent their own writing symbols because , in that era, Koreans used to apply Chinese characters whilst speaking Korean.
, only the aristocracy had been able to educate and the working class was doomed to illiteracy and afterwards contributed to accusing nonsense crimes .
, The king decided to renovate their sophisticated letters to address the issues.
In addition
, nowadays they insist on expanding either tradition or their native tongue through plenty of functions.
To sum up
, as far as I am concerned, studying an eminent tongue is not just beneficial, but
practical and raises competency. Despite
fact, native ones should be preserved.
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