Parents should encourage their children to spend less time on studying and more time on physical activities. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is sometimes argued that parents should convince their kids to take the time to do physical activities rather than study. Personally, I completely agree with the statement for several reasons which will be given out in
essay. First and foremost, it can be said with certainty that regular physical exercises are essential for maintaining both mental and physical condition. By
, I mean that doing these could lead to better sleep patterns, promoting deeper and restful sleep, and positively impacting mental strength.
, engaging in physical activities promotes
physical well-being, as offspring participate in sports and exercises, thereby reducing the risk of obesity and related health issues.
For instance
, in Asia, where kids spend most of their time studying, developing the risk of health problems, often resulting in sleep deprivation and stress.
, it is essential for parents to support their children in balancing between studying and staying healthy.
, a special consideration is that joining a team sport would allow kids to develop important social skills. The main basis is probably because a team sport would offer increased opportunities to meet new people, creating environments for children to communicate, cooperate and engage in teamwork. To illustrate
, consider the case of badminton, there are two individuals in one team, highlighting the significance of cooperation and teamwork in securing the top prize.
, the advantages of doing physical activities far outweigh those of studying. In conclusion, I strongly believe parents should encourage children to be aware of spending more time exercising
due to
the benefits of fitness and social skills.
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