Parents should encourage children to spend less time studying and more time doing physical activities. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In life education and sports play an important role.
, some parents argue that parents should urge their children to engage in more physical activity rather than studying academic subjects. I completely agree with
notion and the reasons for my opinion will be illustrated in the forthcoming paragraph with relevant illustrations.
To begin
with, to achieve anything you must remain healthy. To emphasize, physical activity provides more opportunities for individuals to become strong.
As a result
, it allows students to study more and enhances children's health. Even if a student has an excellent academic performance in daily life, his grade will be affected if he suffers from several health conditions.
, it is essential to maintain physical fitness to perform better in all situations.
In addition
, playing more games may inspire an interest in their communication skills and improve their social circle, as the majority of games include teamwork. To explain, when youths have the chance to play with other team members, they have a greater chance to interact with a different personality.
For instance
, a game of hockey requires six players. Teammates must develop positive relationships with one another, which leads to a greater understanding of each individual's activities and interests.
, it is essential to devote more time to physical activities to become involved in the world. In conclusion, I believe that parents should encourage their children to devote more time to outdoor activities than to academics, as the fact that physical activity keeps the human body fit and provides opportunities to interact with others.
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