In many countries, people throw away a lot of food from restaurants and shops. Why do you think people waste food in this way? What can be done to reduce the amount of food thrown away?

era, there has been a growing tendency for the amount of
to go into the trash and
situation climbs up significantly every year, especially in megacities. Within the scope of
writing, many reasons will be discussed carefully and how they can be overcome. There are plenty of causes of throwing
as trademark protection and avoiding complaints from customers. The most important marker is that shops have to throw away the number of expired processed products so as to ensure customers' safety. Obviously, any troubles which come from their foodstuffs could lead to loss of their reputation, resulting in decreasing profits
that, restaurants usually use fresh ingredients to make meals so a lot of leftovers are thrown every day. Another point worth mentioning is that
courts do not want to use their cooking for charities because of a lack of time and effort.
, if somebody has problems after eating, the owner will be responsible for taking care of them.
there are many challenges from
issue, they might be tackled by some following methods including estimation of
stocks and raising citizens' awareness. The first striking feature is that stores should plan to buy products depending on the remaining.
, using the "first in, first out" process to manage items is
a good way to reduce the wastage of
On the other hand
, improvement of the educational system is a useful solution to resolve
, people will be well-informed about the worth of
, harmful impacts on the environment
as well as
information regarding starvation in various parts of the world. In conclusion, supermarkets waste a lot of
to prevent using expired products that could lead to
can create difficulties but if proper management and punishment for anyone who leaves their
in the restaurants are conducted, the situation can be better.
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task achievement
Expand on the main ideas with specific, relevant examples, and make sure each paragraph contributes to the overall position in the essay. Aim to cover all aspects of the question.

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Topic Vocabulary:
  • overproduction
  • inefficient
  • supply chains
  • perception
  • disposable
  • replaceable
  • awareness
  • education
  • regulations
  • redistribution
  • donation
  • portion control
  • inventory management
  • public awareness campaigns
  • attitudes
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