Some people think governments should ban dangerous sports. Others, however, say people have the freedom to make their own decisions. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

There is an ongoing debate on whether dangerous
should be prohibited or not.
it is beneficial to limit access to these
, I would contend that they can benefit more from giving people more freedom to decide whether they want to take part in these
or not. On the one hand, there are several compelling arguments to support these proponents holding that it is reasonable to ban these dangerous
To begin
with, banning participation can reduce the possibility of accidents among these risk-takers because these
are usually associated with higher occurrences of fatalities and injuries without being known by their participants. If the government took the responsibility to restrict the behaviour, it not only would safeguard the safety and security of their
reduce related costs of governments including healthcare costs.
can reduce the imitation of teenagers, who are in their adolescence and are vulnerable to being influenced by the external world.
For example
, they are more likely to imitate the risky behaviour posted on YouTube regardless of the risks involved, which would pose a severe threat to their lives.
, I do believe that it is more desirable and reasonable to enable individuals to decide whether they want to take part in these risky
, allowing people to make their own decisions is beneficial for them to be responsible for their choices in the future. To be more specific, those participants are usually fully aware of the potential risks involved and have the capacity to shoulder the consequences once they fail. Under
circumstances, giving them more freedom to do these
what they like seems to be reasonable.
, some participants especially those who are passionate about these
usually consider them as methods to discover and challenge themselves.
For instance
, those skydivers can reap a stronger sense of achievement and fulfilment since they can boost their dopamine level largely after completing
risky behaviour. In conclusion, it is true that banning hazardous
can bring plenty of advantages to
, I would argue that it is more reasonable and realistic to give autonomy to
themselves because these outdoor
are sources of self-discovery and can provide them with a sense of satisfaction.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • Dangerous
  • Banning
  • Freedom
  • Decisions
  • Protecting
  • Harm
  • Healthcare systems
  • Resources
  • Safety
  • Risks
  • Personal freedom
  • Individual responsibility
  • Entertainment
  • Economic benefits
  • Personal growth
  • Challenge
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