Some people believe that a visitor to country should follow local custom and tradition while other believe that host country should respect the cultural differences. Discuss both these view and give your own opinion.

There is no doubt that advanced communication system helps tourists to visit different countries.
some people believe that travellers should follow the cultural norms of the destination bucolic, others opine host homey should respect the visitor's civilization. I strongly support respect for each other. Those who advocate following the host perception might argue that it is mandatory to work to blend with the communities they are visiting to make the journey interesting.
, they might not get an enjoyable environment.
For example
, if someone visits Italy, cannot spend the expected quality time if he fails to mix with the surroundings. It has a strong practice of making friends with others. Communities help the guests if they share their ideas with them succinctly. Ironically, foreigners who maintain a great personality to avoid them may face some difficulties, like a lack of necessary commodities or a piece of information. Following their fashion is the best way to synchronize with them.
On the other hand
, every agrarian should show proper value to other regions to attract tourists, which is the main business of some societies. Bhutan,
for example
, is one of them.
As a result
, the population of
county always gives priority to tourists. Even though, they construct their facilities,
as hotels, roads and restaurants,
according to
the international demands.
, it is getting an adrenaline rush in callers, which assisted in a better economic development of the rustic.
In contrast
, if people showed negative attitudes towards companies, their income source might be affected.
, turnover from
source will be plummeted. In conclusion, it can be said that both parties have to show their sincerity to opposite norms.
, both of them will benefit either by getting an enjoyment moment or earning a lot of money.
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