You recently took a trip with a taxi company. The driver behaved in an unacceptable way and you had a lot of problems. You complained to the company but no one has replied to your complaint. In your letter, you should tell: Say why are you writing and how you feel Explain what happened Tell them what you would like them to do

Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing
letter to complain about the behaviour of one of your company's drivers. I have been your customer since 2018 and it was the first time that I experienced
inappropriate behaviour from your taxi driver which made me very uncomfortable. On November 23rd I got a taxi from your online application with car number LBS28 that took me from Moon Street West to Brown College. The driver was driving normally at first until he was called.
he started driving at a very high speed. His speed reached 140 kilometres per hour. I was scared and asked him to drive slowly but he didn't pay attention at all. We almost had an accident. we arrived at the thirty-minute destination in less than 10 minutes. I immediately called your customer service and explained what happened. They told me that they would look into my complaint. After a week there was no call from them so I decided to write a letter.
Due to
the dangerous behaviour of your taxi driver, I would like
he apologizes to me and
, your company minimizes his daily trips. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely, Sahebe Jalali
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coherence cohesion
Make sure each paragraph focuses on a single main idea or topic.
task achievement
Use a more formal tone throughout the letter.
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