Your local public library wants to make improvements to their services and facilities. In order to get ideas from the public, they have asked library users to send them suggestions in writing. Write a letter to the librarian. In your letter  describe what you like about the library  say what you don’t like  make suggestions for improvements.

Dear Sir or Madam, I am a loyal and active member of your
and I am writing to you in order to make suggestions to improve it. You know I have been using your
for about a couple of years as it is located next to my university. During
period, I have been sure that your
has a wide range of books from novels to stories in proper order.
, I admire the schedule of the
, which is available from 7 a.m. until 9 p.m. and most of the students in our university benefit from
service excessively.
, in some cases, readers can have difficulty finding a place to have a seat since the space of the reading hall is not wide enough.
As a consequence
, it becomes overcrowded at particular times, especially in the afternoons and most readers and I reckon
is a single drawback of the
. In order to make improvements, I suggest that it should be extended and renewed by building
study rooms and multimedia rooms. I look forward to hearing from you with an acceptance of my offer. Yours faithfully, Luis Armstrong
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task response
Ensure that the letter fully responds to all aspects of the task prompt, including likes, dislikes, and suggestions for improvements.
coherence cohesion
Improve the coherence and cohesion by enhancing the structure of the greeting and closing to align with the formal nature of the letter.
lexical resource
Expand the use of advanced vocabulary and phrasing to enhance the lexical resource and formal tone of the letter.
grammatical range
Maintain grammatical accuracy and complexity throughout the letter, paying attention to sentence structure and word choice.
Topic Vocabulary:
  • suggest
  • recommend
  • propose
  • advise
  • commend
  • commendable
  • improve
  • enhance
  • expand
  • extend
  • benefit
  • accommodate
  • organize
  • community events
  • programs
  • collection
  • e-books
  • digital resources
  • signage
  • workshops
  • classes
  • skills
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