Your manager has asked you to arrange a party for a colleague leaving the company. Write a letter to your manager. In your letter  suggest a suitable date and time for the party  recommend a venue  propose the food and entertainment options that should be available.

Dear Manager, I am writing
to let you know about the preparations for the farewell party of Mr. Smith. All the arrangements are planned well, including the venue, fun activities, and food. To avoid timing issues I have selected
upcoming Saturday 26-11-23 for the party. It will be easy for everyone to come and join on the weekend. The day is decided with the consent of all team members and senior authorities. I have booked the city plaza banquet hall which is 2 km away from the office location. The food and DJ arrangements are included within the budget of $3000 which includes snacks and dinner meals for 30 people. It has vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and vegan type meals which will be feasible for Mr. Smith and our madam CEO. I have checked the reviews of
venue it has amazing infrastructure and food quality.
, Tom will take care of organizing fun events in the middle of the party which will make it more interesting and exciting. Please let me know in advance if any changes are required. Yours faithfully, Navdeep Kaur
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greeting and closing
Provide a more formal greeting and closing to align with the professional nature of the letter.
logical structure
Ensure that each paragraph contains a single clear idea or point, and maintain a logical structure throughout the letter.
lexical resource
Use more precise and varied vocabulary to enhance the richness of expression.
grammatical range
Pay attention to the accuracy and range of grammar use, including sentence structures and verb tenses.
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