Write a letter to friend to inform them of a celebration you are having for a recent job promotion. Include information about The promotion The celebration Their accomodation

Dear Saara, I hope you're doing splendidly old friend.
Correct pronoun usage
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has been
Change the article
a long
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time since I heard back from you so I thought I
Wrong verb form
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start the ball rolling with some great news.I was really excited about telling
news to you and look
I am writing it to you. I got promoted to store manager
week and as you know it is
Add an article
a time
the time
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Change preposition
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celebration. I hope you'll be free next week as I 've arranged a fun party at one of our favourite
Change to a plural noun
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. I know you love their food that's why I have booked
Add an article
a table
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in advance. I am exhilarated by the thought of food and drinks.
Add an article
the thought
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of meeting you after
a long time is making me more happy. I 've made all the arrangements
Change preposition
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your stay at my home, and let me know if you need something in your room for your stay so that I can make arrangements for you in advance. I am hoping to see you soon. Yours loving, Gill.
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logical structure
Ensure that the letter maintains a clear logical structure by organizing information with clear paragraphing.
greeting and closing
Use a more consistent and appropriate greeting and closing for informal letters to a friend.
single idea per paragraph
Maintain one clear idea per paragraph to improve readability and coherence.
complete response
Ensure all parts of the task are equally developed to achieve full task response.
suitable writing tone
Ensure the tone remains consistent throughout the letter and is suitable for an informal letter to a friend.
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