You are having problems with a neighbour’s animals because the fence between your properties is old and In poor repair. You want the neighbour to pay half the cost of building a new fence. Write a letter to your neighbour. In your letter say what the problems are explain how a new fence will solve the problems suggest that the neighbour pays half of the cost

Dear Smith, I am writing a request for half payment to install a new separator. Since I have been feeding my four chicks and free in my
your pet came to my side as a predator.
, she ate one chick
night because
Add the comma(s)
, in
show examples
the morning time, she came towards my pets but I saw him so she went back.
, the fences from the middle of the
are cutting and your kitty can come across to my lawn and she would eat my whole chickens.
, it's important to discuss with you to resolve
issue. If a new
Correct your spelling
is installed in the middle of the
she cannot come to my lawn as well and my pets can round the
without any danger.
, I would like to request you to please pay half of the amount for buying new fence panels so that the connection between our pets will stop. If you can help me please tell me
I will install fence panels. Yours Sincerely,
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Logical Structure, Greeting and Closing
Ensure to use a clear and formal structure, which includes an introduction, body paragraphs, and concluding statements with appropriate salutations.
Single Idea per Paragraph
Present one clear idea per paragraph to maintain coherence and improve readability.
Complete Response
To fully meet the task requirements, ensure that you expand upon the problems you're facing, how the new fence would solve them, and a polite suggestion for sharing the cost, using appropriate details.
Suitable Writing Tone
Maintain a formal and polite tone throughout the letter, which is fitting for a letter to a neighbour addressing a sensitive matter.
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