The two maps below show road access to a city hospital in 2007 and in 2010.

The two maps below show road access to a city hospital in 2007 and in 2010.
The two pictures compare the layout of accessing a city hospital via roads, in 2007 and in 2010.
, it is noticeable that the access
underwent substantial changes which led to the reconstruction of some new infrastructures,
as a bus station, two roundabouts
as well as
separating the staff car pack from the public car park. In terms of redevelopment,
the ring
retained its functionality in 2010, it was featured with a public car park, to the east of the city hospital and a roundabout to the immediate south of it.
, the area that accommodated both staff and public cars in 2007, was exclusively designated for staff vehicles, maintaining its access through the north of its site. Regarding the public transportation system, there was an array of bus stops on either side of the hospital
in 2007.
according to
the remarkable changes throughout these three years they were clustered together and replaced by a bus station on the west side of the hospital
, providing access to both the city
, in the south and the ring
, running along the north via two roundabouts, constructed on the north and south side of Hospital
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  • accessibility
  • dual carriageway
  • roundabout
  • traffic flow
  • multi-story car park
  • green spaces
  • pedestrian provisions
  • footpaths
  • traffic signals
  • construction phase
  • ambulances
  • carriageway expansion
  • traffic congestion
  • pedestrian crossings
  • urban planning
  • infrastructure development
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