Televised talent shows have become popular in many societies today. Are these shows a good method of finding talented people, or are they just entertainment?

shows have gained immense popularity worldwide, sparking debates about their primary purpose.
some argue they serve as a means of discovering
, others perceive them merely as sources of entertainment.
essay will discuss both perspectives to explore the multifaceted nature of these shows. On the one hand, these televised programs,
as 'The Voice' and 'Vietnam's Got
,' act as platforms where individuals, regardless of background, exhibit their exceptional abilities. Participants showcase diverse
, from music prowess to exceptional performing arts, providing an opportunity for raw
to be identified and nurtured.
, winners often receive professional training and opportunities, allowing them to chase their dreams or even to become successful and famous rapidly.
On the other hand
, most
shows on television have recreational purposes rather than finding
. These programs try with the planned scenario to achieve more viewers
of Introducing
to the world.
, referees are usually not very skilled, which causes them to feel emotional or ignore
due to
Correct article usage
a lack
show examples
of knowledge, and
are not identified and introduced to the world. In my opinion, these competitions have more financial goals by entertaining people. The producer tries to find more spectators in many ways
as rejecting some talented competitors to increase the excitement of their program and make them more eager to watch the program or by planning arguments between the judges to approve or disapprove of the participants.
, judges are often famous artists without any
-searching skills. In my point of view, they should have a lot of skills to find and develop gifted people in the best way. In conclusion, televised
shows serve a dual purpose, acting as platforms for
simultaneously providing entertainment. Their significance transcends mere entertainment, creating pathways for budding
to shine.
their primary intent might be subjective, their undeniable impact on identifying and nurturing
cannot be overlooked.
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