Influence of human beings on the world's ecosystem is leading to the extinction of species and loss of bio-diversity. What are the primary causes of loss of bio-diversity? What solutions can you suggest?

Many countries across the globe are facing the same problem of the extinction of species and loss of biodiversity which is caused by human activities.
essay will discuss the causes of
and try to provide possible solutions to tackle
problem. The primary cause of
issue is the number of deforestation in some countries which have large forest areas or
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are well
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known as“the lung of the world”. One of the main reasons why
try to take benefits from deforestation is to take the woods illegally which is considered
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illegal logging.
For instance
, Borneo is one of the big islands in Indonesia with many cases of illegal logging. The industry stole the woods from the forest which destroyed the ecosystem of biodiversity.
Due to
the devastation of natural habitats, some animal species attacked residents in the village and stole their food. The industries in most cases did not conduct reforestation as part of their responsibility. The only solution
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problem is to impose a strict law
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whoever does the deforestation. The Government should restrict the permit of land usage for a lot of wood companies.
needs support from local
and jungle police to monitor illegal logging activities in their area and immediately make a report to the government. The advancement of social media
can be an advantage,
can post illegal activities on their
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to attract public attention on
topic. For
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be replanting
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trees to provide better natural resources to preserve biological diversity. In conclusion, the reason behind the rise of biodiversity and species extinction is the illegal logging in woodland and the possible solutions are law enforcement by permit restriction and reforestation.
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