Some people think secondary school students should study international news as one of their subjects, while others believe that this is a waste of valuable school time. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

The verdict of discussing international news in secondary schools often divides opinions. Some people contend that students on that level of education should study global affairs,
others believe it is unnecessary.
essay will discuss both arguments.
To begin
with, studying international issues will elevate critical thinking about important global events.
is because structured learning in academic circumstances will catalyze students' willingness to engage in a discourse related to current affairs.
For example
, a group of kids who deliberately discuss climate change worldwide have a deeper understanding of the issue compared to kids who do not study it in classes.
, introducing multinational news to scholars helps them to advance their global awareness and analytical skills.
On the other hand
, certain fields of study might not need a deeper understanding of international matters.
, they will be able to acquire
information independently,
a dedicated time at school is urgently not needed.
For instance
, students who aspire to be scientists get more benefits by spending their time in laboratories
of reading and discussing political issues unrelated to their future careers.
, a dedicated class merely to discuss worldwide issues is not universally pivotal because that information will not be needed to help them become science experts.
To conclude
, the discussion on teaching worldwide news in secondary schools has been divided into some people who reckon that scholars should learn them as one of their subjects and others who argue for that. From my point of view, I believe that world affairs still needs to be introduced as an elective course to those who aspire to build careers in social sciences,
those who are not interested in it are not mandatory to attend the class.
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task achievement
For a higher band, expand on the main points by adding more specific examples and details. Make sure to cover all parts of the task adequately, ensuring a balanced discussion of each view before presenting a clear personal stance in the conclusion.

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Topic Vocabulary:
  • Global awareness
  • Critical thinking
  • Global citizenship
  • Cultural diversity
  • Communication skills
  • Historical context
  • World affairs
  • Academic subjects
  • Bias
  • Misinformation
  • Age-appropriate
  • Media literacy
  • Educational enrichment
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