Organising a large family celebration such as a wedding can often create problems. What can be the problems associated with organising a large family event and what solutions can you suggest?

A big family is having a ceremony or small brunch nearby, planning a family gathering can be stressful.
Wrong verb form
show examples
provide problems from
topic and
will illustrate practical solutions to tackle them. The most outstanding problem is the challenge you may have with a financial budget. There will be several kinds of parties
as places, food, or clothes. There may be a lot of differences between qualities and comfort at the celebrations, which can be intimidating for some.
, another possibility would happen about a figure of large people.
Correct word choice
show examples
it is difficult to handle
Correct article usage
the exact
show examples
and location that should be convenient for everybody at the same
. A classic example is a wedding ceremony, which must be a special celebration for families. So we would like to make a good memory together if some guests could not go on
or miss the way, or the one we care about could not go. For help and care for these problems,
it should be well-planned and organized under real conditions. Regarding the concern, we would prepare more details, cost, and any lists to make sure for a party.
Whether we
Correct word choice
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can pay for an organized company
that is
Remove the article
show examples
professional management for a lot of ceremonies and
Change preposition
show examples
individuals should deal with the case of lavishness and have a fixed budget. Another solution, we should collect crucial information from all the guests and analyze
. In conclusion, we should make
Replace the word
good decisions
show examples
and collaborate on documents that tend to a perfect ceremony. So we will have quality
and a capable memory together.
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In terms of coherence and cohesion, your essay demonstrates a basic logical structure but lacks clarity and precision, which can confuse the reader. Aim to create clear, concise paragraphs that logically progress from one idea to the next. Work on linking your ideas and paragraphs more coherently through the use of appropriate linking words and phrases.
coherence cohesion
Your introduction and conclusion are present but need further development to create a stronger impression. The introduction should more precisely outline the problems and solutions you plan to discuss, and the conclusion should effectively summarize your main points without introducing new information.
coherence cohesion
While you did provide some supporting points for the problems and solutions associated with organising a large family event, they often lacked depth and elaboration. To improve, ensure that each main point is well-supported with clear explanations, detailed descriptions, and precise information to bolster your argument. Remember, providing relevant examples can significantly increase the impact of your ideas.
task achievement
Concerning task achievement, your response to the essay question was incomplete; you did not thoroughly answer all parts of the prompt. Dedicate time to fully address both the problems and solutions associated with planning a large family event. Ensure that you respond to all elements of the essay question to achieve a complete response.
task achievement
Some ideas presented in your essay were not fully developed and lacked comprehensiveness. It is crucial to discuss each point thoroughly, providing clear reasoning and specific details where necessary to fully convey your message to the reader. Aim for clear and comprehensive ideas that are well-supported and articulated.
task achievement
The essay would benefit from a wider range of relevant, specific examples to substantiate the problems and solutions. Examples serve to illustrate your points and make them more convincing. Make an effort to integrate specific and relevant examples that reinforce your argument and reflect real-life scenarios.

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Topic Vocabulary:
  • celebration
  • organizing
  • wedding
  • problems
  • budget constraints
  • prioritize
  • realistic
  • venue selection
  • research
  • guest list management
  • finalize
  • catering arrangements
  • professional
  • coordinator
  • entertainment
  • activities
  • accommodation
  • out-of-town guests
  • opinions
  • expectations
  • communicate
  • compromises
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