In many countries, an increasing crime has been blamed on violent images on television and in Computer and video games. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Many different nations believe that crime has been increased by violent pictures shown on technology devices and video games. In my opinion, I agree with
notion and
essay will discuss more in detail below.
, nowadays children and teenagers have the freedom to access millions of games in legal or illegal ways through their own gadgets
as smartphones, computers, and video game consoles.
could put them at risk of discovering games rated for those above 18 years old that contain graphic violence and adultery, which are unsuitable for them. When kids are exposed early to
kind of theme, they will learn to think all the bad things are normal and will be able to practice it in real life.
For example
, in Indonesia, there was a child who accidentally killed his friend when they wrestled because they played WWE together and thought it would be fun to do those actions together.
, news on television and social media oftentimes covers horrible incidents in nations
as murders, theft, and bullying.
, when a person sees how many crimes are happening all over the place, they will think
is common.
For instance
, there was a woman who poisoned her friend over their trivial fight after being inspired by a similar case she watched on the news. In conclusion, hostile and violent content shown in various ways is definitely able to affect the viewers, especially kids who still do not have a clear knowledge of what is right and wrong.
negative impact is preventable with the help of parental supervision.
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