In many countries, children in remote villages and communities have no access to education. some people believe that the best solution will be provide teacher and schools. others think that providing computer and internet in these areas will be a better solution. Discuss both the views and give your opinion.

Many kids in emerging economies have no access to a basic education these days, especially in rural areas. Some believe that
problem could be addressed by providing some tutors,
others think that the provision of the Internet will solve all difficulties. There are several options to resolve the issue of children's education in remote communities.
essay will shed some light on the issue and discuss both points of view. On the one hand, the construction and provision of schools with teachers onboard is a plausible solution for a few not densely populated locations.
For instance
according to
the UN statistical data, it takes approximately fifteen days to build a new school with ten classrooms in Africa nowadays. Unfortunately,
approach may be ineffective when one hundred schools must be built. There are not so many qualified teachers available in remote areas.
On the other hand
, internet access could provide an enormous amount of educational information for youngsters.
For example
according to
a study conducted at the University of North Carolina, ninety-two per cent of the U.S. elementary education program could be covered by YouTube and Khan Academy tutorials.
proved a low efficiency of children's self-education before the age of fourteen.
To sum up
, it can be clearly seen that both methods have as the benefits as the drawbacks. From my point of view, a happy medium must be found between the two approaches. Medium-qualified personnel with satellite internet access can provide guided lessons on different open source platforms like Coursera or Khan Academy for hundreds of kids and answer their questions
of improvised lessoning. It is predicted that
method could be a suitable middle ground in terms of the quality of the outcome and total costs.
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To enhance coherence and cohesion, focus on the seamless flow of ideas and a clear progression of thought throughout the essay. Use a wider range of linking words and phrases to create better connections among paragraphs and within sentences.

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