Write a letter to an English-speaking friend. In your letter, explain why you have changed your job describe your new job tell him/her your other news Write at least 150 words

Dear Pattinson, I hope
email finds you in good health and you are doing well. I am writing
letter to inform some information relating to my recent job changes. As you know I have been working in a multinational company since 2020 as a human resource manager. But recently I have got an opportunity to be joining as Senior HR Manager with a lucrative remuneration. Since my full family has been living in Dhaka, I have decided to move from Chittagong to Dhaka which is the main reason behind my job changes.
, the new company is based in the UK and they have been operating their apparel manufacturing businesses in Bangladesh since 2022.
, I will be joining their Head Office which is located in Uttara.
, the
office environment is congenial
as well as
other colleagues are very friendly as I got information from the website and some professionals.
, I would like to meet you next week as I will be moving to Dhaka from Chittagong on the 15th of May. I look forward to hearing from you soon. All the best. Yours lovingly, Tector
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Logical Structure
Ensure a logical flow of ideas throughout the letter. Start with an introduction, follow with details and end with a conclusion or an anticipatory statement for future correspondence.
For coherence, use linking words to connect sentences and paragraphs smoothly; try not to jump abruptly from one idea to another.
Single Idea per Paragraph
Keep distinct ideas separated into individual paragraphs to improve clarity and readability, and make sure a single paragraph focuses on a single topic.
Complete Response
Answer all parts of the prompt fully; make sure you give enough details about each part, particularly about your new job which could be expanded upon.
Suitable Writing Tone
Maintain a consistent and appropriate tone throughout your letter; it should be friendly and personal as it's directed to a friend.
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