The increase in the production of consumer consumption goods results in damage to the natural environment. What are the causes of this and what can be done to solve this problem?

The growing amounts of fast-moving consumer goods production poses harm to the ecosystem.
phenomenon is attributed to the abundant trash of plastic containers and the lack of recycling facilities. To address
issue, the government should force companies to take part in recycling their packaging rubbish. The increasing production of consumer goods is related to the public’s demand for those products,
there will be a pile-up of packaging waste. Most of these items use plastic and they are only used once,
they will directly go to the dustbin.
practice definitely will be harmful because not all countries have sufficient facilities to recycle the garbage. Most of them could not handle all of the trash because the machine capacity could not catch up with the rates of incoming items. The remaining trash unprocessed will end up in the landfill and take decades to decay. CNBC reported that a recycling factory in Singapore could only process a third of all garbage that comes in a day. To tackle
predicament, the government should involve the businesses that manufacture those fast-moving consumer products to beef up the recycling program and initiate distributing products in a greener way without exacerbating the current situation. The factories should be responsible for recycling their used package,
the responsibility of processing garbage not only falls on those public recycling facilities but
the manufacturer.
, companies should implement the alternative of buying items in a more environmentally friendly approach.
For instance
, Unilever sells their refill detergent at the supermarket, by refilling the old container or people can bring their bottles. In conclusion, the destruction of the environment caused by increasing goods consumption is mainly caused by the growing number of waste and insufficient recycling factories’ capacity.
problem can be addressed by the role of the authority to force the companies to be responsible in waste management and impose a more green approach in their distribution strategy.
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