You are going to have a family party in a private room in a hotel. Write a letter to the hotel manager. In your letter, say: why you need to use this private room what do you need them to provide for the party inquire about the price of the food you are ordering

Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing
letter to book a private room in your hotel for our family function which will be planned on 15th February as we organize the birthday party. I get the information from individuals that Flower Hotel is very popular in the locality and we need to use the private room as we will put the important clothes
as well as
, we need privacy and security so that our important products should be safe.
, being a family gathering please provide chairs and tables.
decorate the stage where the family doing the cake ceremony on the occasion of birthday. I request you please send me the list of Indian and Italian recipes with the price so we can decide the food for our guests. I
send the money to book the room in advance. Looking forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully, Love
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coherence cohesion
Ensure each paragraph presents a clear main idea with supporting sentences that expand on that idea effectively.
task achievement
Make sure to respond to all parts of the task, while also offering additional relevant details.
coherence cohesion
Use linking words and phrases to better connect your ideas and provide a smoother reading experience.
task achievement
Consider expanding on the second paragraph to include more detailed requests for the party and utilize a more formal and polite tone when making inquiries.
coherence cohesion
Review and ensure that you have used a proper closing to your letter; it should match the formal tone used throughout your writing.
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