Many university students want to learn about different subjects in addition to their main subjects. Others feel it is more important to give all their time and attention to studying for their qualification.

Nowadays,more and more university students intend to learn some
differently rather than major only. There is no doubt that it is useful to get in touch with various knowledge to meet the needs of current society. Personally speaking,I completely agree with
point of view and I believe that learning something different could be better than giving all their
for qualification,which can be supported by the reasons as follows.
and foremost,when you are a student at university, apparently, you have enough
to complete the tasks of the main
. For most students,
,even more than 80% of freshmen just spend less than 40% of their
and attention on studying what they need to learn. Oppositely,Their spare
be used to play video games or just hang out daily.
,Learning some different
not only contributes to making sufficient use of their
brings numerous benefits to them. To be more specific,getting new skills,
for example
, doing some manuscript or medical skills can substantially enhance the quality of their work and daily life.
On the other hand
, it is undeniable that some practical knowledge can't be learned by paying attention to the book only.
For instance
, communication skills are indispensable after you graduate from college. You couldn't express your mind correctly ,
, causing an uncomfortable work experience without it What 's more, a string of abilities can't
learned from the paper only,
as emotion control, way to use working applications and so on.
According to
the annual report of the Australian government, almost 70% of employers believe that there is a solid relationship between individual ability and learning from others. With all the points above,the conclusion can be made that learning about different things rather than the main
only is necessary for a student's career
as well as
daily life.In
case,parents and employers should give some tips or advice to address the importance of it, and the university should work to
improve the ability to learn outside.
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