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Some people think that developed countries have a higher responsibility to combat climatic change than developed countries. Others believe that all countries should have same responsibility towards protecting the environment. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Since globalization and industrialization, the environment has experienced an upsurge in pollution, which is constantly causing climatic change. In lieu of this, there is an ongoing debate as to how this problem can be addressed. Some believe that developed nations should shoulder more responsibility than emerging countries, while others opined that the duty should be equally handled. This essay will discuss both arguments and give my personal thoughts. On one hand, advanced countries have more resources such as technologies and intellectual skills to mention a few. For instance, in the Western world, there are regulations in place to reduce carbon emissions via the means of electronic cars, etc. However, in countries like Nigeria that have an epileptic power supply, such initiative will become futile. Similarly, advanced countries are able to form regional clusters. This has proven to improve their economies and they are also able to effectively monitor infrastructures that emit greenhouse gases. For instance, most researches carried out by the Journal of Environmental Pollution have made reports on developed countries. Whereas, in developing states, there are no facilities to monitor generators of pollution. To whom more is given, much is expected, and therefore, countries such as the United States should bear more role in addressing the mentioned problems. On the other hand, just like a father is responsible for his home, each country should cater for its citizenry. No matter how little the income of a country is, there should be some amount allocated to combat environmental issues. Likewise, policies can be put in place to encourage green environment. Additionally, campaigns as well as trainings can be conducted to educate the citizens on preservation of their surroundings. For example, in Sudan, a program was developed to motivate the populace. The aim of the idea was to promote eco-friendly dispositions. Hence, every country, can contribute to their nation’s environmental conservation at the level they are. To sum up, I agree that developed countries should have more obligations towards dealing with environmental concerns because they have more resources at their disposal and can also help less developed countries.