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Education has always been of greatest concern eversince the beginning of human civilization for the same united purpose of complementing inherent human incompetence. As an apparent result, it is constantly updated with more diverse and inventive techniques, which leads to the abolishment of obsolete ones. Rote learning, which people are rather ambivalent towards, is one of these methods. The essay below will discuss both pros and cons of this technique.
Some people belive that creative artists should have absolute freedom to create their own art work without any restriction from government. Others believe some form of artifices should not be available to general public. In this essay, I am going to discuss if creative artists should always be given the freedom to express their own ideas without any influence by the government.
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With increased research and development on traditional and modern methods of learning, rote learning has gathered much debate. While considering the importance of this form of learning in our education systems, both parallels and constrasts can be found. In my opinion, it is an extremely flawed method of memorizing content: it not only hinders creative thinking but also results in
Copying the context of textbooks frequently is common in a vast of education systems. Some people argue that there are a lot of advantages of it, while I completely believe that its cons are far more than pros and I will discuss it below.
Nowadays rote learning plays a role in the education system as students memorise the information in order to pass the examinations. However, this method of learning has both advantages and disadvantages and this essay will clarify whether advantages outweigh disavntages.
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