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The solution of government imposing tax on private car owners in order to make commercial transport better and slove traffic problems is a hotly debated topic. This essay will discuss both the benefits and drawbacks of such measure with examples.
In present day scenario, where we see huge traffic jams and heavy pollution on the roads. Government should look at an option of taxing individual car owners highly and using that funds in improving public transport. In the below paragraph we discuss pros and cons of this solution.
There is a huge problem with traffic jams today and governments have to do something to stabilize the situation. One approach is suggested: to tax private car owners more and increase the use of public transport. This essay will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this solution.
Undoubtedly, traffic is a major disaster around the world. It is argued that authorities can solve this situation by creating a high tax on personal car owners, and using that tax income to expand public transport facilities. Although this may positively treat on society and government, the long-term impact on population and country may have a negative outcome.
In recent years, there is a growth in demand for private cars and it contributes to more production of cars. Although, the massive amount of cars would cause inevitable heavy traffic, which would bring critical problems. Due to the enlargement of these problems, it is said that governments should tax private car owners heavily and employ the money to mitigate public transporting long. In general, this action has many advantages and disadvantages that might influence the outcome efficiency.
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