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It is believed that children should go to mixed-sex school while the opponents think that it is better to teach schoolboys and schoolgirls independently. From my perpective, I truly believe that the connection between students in school age in all genders bring about vital merits.
Some countries have single-sex education models, while in others both single sex and mixed schools co-exist, and it is up to the parents or the children to decide which model is preferable. In the world we have some countries which are Islamic, they have single-sex education and they force you to go to separate school.
The differences between the two genders have always been a heated debate. Some people say that girls and boys should be taught separately while others argue that it is more beneficial for them to study at the same school. In my opinion, Although separatin
In recent years, along with the spread of gender equality education, there is a growing number of people who believe gender-based schools should be abandoned as they encourage a more inclusive classroom for students. While some others believe segregated education is beneficial to participants' academic performance. Personally, I am a strong supporter of co-educational schools.
Regarding education, there is a view that sending children to a single-gender school would be more prejudicial for their future life. Although I agree that single-gender schools could be advantageous to some extent, I strongly agree with the former view t
To begin with, single-gender education system assists children in paying more attention to their study and reduces distractions from opposite-sex mates. For instance, Those boys who studying in a co-educational school want to look like a real man and impress the opposite sex with their gallentry, thus they may ignore their lectures and receive poor performances at school. This can also affect girls’ concentration. Also, the number of inappropriate relationships is decreased thanks to this education models.
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