Some people argue that girls and boys should be educated separately, while others think that it is more advantageous for children to study at the same school. What is your opinion?

It is believed that children should go to mixed-sex school while the opponents think that it is better to teach schoolboys and schoolgirls independently. From my perpective, I truly believe that the connection between students in school age in all genders bring about vital merits. On the one hand, co-education is beneficial in many ways. First, this can improve the contact between males and females in in numerous aspects. In particular, when students have team-working tasks, boys and girls may learn how to assign duties which suite their sex characteristics, such as boys tend to undertake physical-required tasks such as carrying heavy learning materials. In addition, children may become more competitive when boys and girls study together, thus they can make the grade in their academic performance. Furthermore, going to two-gender schools may creat a better harmony atmosphere between pupils because they could balance extreme attitudes of their counterparts as well as they have chances to experience anniversaries together such as day of man and woman. In other words, basing on this trait, students are encouraged in forming sound sentiment and virtue. On the other hand, going to single sex school may be less effective. Firstly, this kind of education could lack of balance of sex nature and does not fit social model. This may leads to long detrimental impacts on psycology and physiology of students. For instance, the boys could be unduly naughty and kick up a dust in the class while the girls may tend to be too bitchy when a group of them are studying jointly. Secondly, chilren could accept gender pattern which are shaped in single sex school. Consequently, they seem do not know how to react with males in the future situations, and this may causes hardships and challenges which they ought to face in their relations. In conclution, I fully support the view that children should go to mixed-sex school instead of teaching boys and girls separately.
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