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Although, there is no doubt that educational institutes are fond to give homework to pupils for Afterhour practice, it is important to consider the consequences on a student's life. While some believe that daily home assignments is unnecessary, I support the view that to become competent, everyday home-study after school is essential.
Education is the backbone of every person's life. Certain mankinds understand that pupils should give homework for practice, however others oppose on it. I will discuss both view and give my opinion.
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Homework for students is a hotly debatable issue While some people opine that it should not be given on daily basis others think that it is crucial for the success of students This essay shall discuss both sides of the argument followed by my own opinion
It is true that whether homework should be given for children to practice every day or not is a subject of debate. While reasons can be given to justify the latter idea, I somewhat agree with the former point.  On the one hand, there are strong reasons to believe that doing exercises at home is a preferred option. Firstly, it is undoubted that lessons in school often do not have enough time to let students achieve and review knowledge at the same times. Therefore, homework somehow is the better method to limit the amount of understandings to a reasonable level, helps pupils to study effectively. Secondly, most youngsters for the time being will not going to learn anything unless it is compulsory, even the essential knowledge since they are more likely to chatting or doing other matters till the end of the lessons. In this case, exercises at home helps teachers ensure that they learn their lessons on the same day they are taught in the class.   On the other hand, others would agree that no homework for children is a desirable option. The first prominent justification is that giving too much homework can be counterproductive. If students go home with dozens of tasks after spending seven or eight hours at school, the consequences could be quite catastrophic. The human brain, especially the brain of young children, requires rest to perform efficiently. Otherwise, it could malfunction and children might develop depression.   In conclusion, while some people believe that children should not be given homework every day, it seems to me that a reasonable amount of exercises to do at home everyday would help youngsters to succeed at school.
Few people think that kids must not be given homework daily, whereas others believe that they should get everyday homework to become successful at academics. Even though both arguments are valid, I believe, it is better to give routine assignments for school children. This essay shall discuss both views and try to give reasoning behind my opinion.
There is a notion that students should be given homework on a daily basis in order to be successful in their studies. Others believe that homework is not necessary. This essay with discuss the debate and explain why homework is important but should not be given every day.
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