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The bad circumstance of biodiversity has become a widespread concern in recent years. There is an opinion that governments should spend a huge amount of money on preserving wild animals. However, I disagree with the idea given, because it is possible to exploit resources intelligently to benefit both animals and the human population.
It is true that the economic prosperity that humans have enjoyed in recent history has come at the expense of wildlife. Because of this, the conservation of wild animals has always become a topic of public interest. However, some people argue that time an
In many regions, people have a common belief that invests time and money to protect wild animals. There are widely differing views on the issue of whether a greater amount of time and money should be spent on serving the human population. I totally agree with the notion of protecting wild animals and there are two principal reasons for this.
In recent decades, there is little doubt that a lot of time and money has been spent on protecting wildlife. Some people argue that it is higher important to allocate these resources to the human population. However, I strongly disagree with this view for some reasons.
It is a controversial issue as to whether a greater amount of time and money should be spent in saving lives of forest's fauna, or, whether human population could have become the main priority in helping by money and time. Personally, I believe that saving environs have become essential for protecting humanity, so wild creatures ought to save first.
More and more money is being spent on the conservation of the wildlife lately. The critics insist that the money should be spent rather on the people themselves. While I agree that more financial resources should be aimed at the needs of humans, it is still utmost important to continue financing natural habitat.
It is argued that there is a tendency for people to spend time and money on themselves rather than that money spent on the protection of wild animals. I completely disagree with this idea, and this essay will argue about allocating resources for both animals and human population.
Some people believe that instead of wasted spending on wildlife conservation, governments should focus only on the human population. I personally agree with this idea for the following two reasons.
There are many arguments around the question whether people should spend a huge amount of money on protecting wild animals or use expenditure on the survival of humankind. In my perspective, people should keep balance the resources allocated for human and other species. On the one hand, money and effort should be spent on welfare of human. Firstly, there are still various problems which need to be solve in this society. Many undeveloped countries possess high-rate of homelessness and poverty. Many lives are facing death because of starvation. As a results, the government should focus on raising funds to help poor people to overcome the situation rather than pay attention on wild animals. Secondly, animals living in wild are one of the culprits of food loss in farms. They eat crops, destroy many farms, which reduce the quality and quantity of agricultural products. Therefore, spending money to protect wild species is sometime unnecessary. On the other hand, people also need to make a big effort to protect wild life. One of the reason is that protecting other animals will help humankind preserve rare gene resources, which benefit people in many aspects. By researching and experiments, scientists could create ne vaccine on medicine to cure many patients thanks to these genes. Another reason why people should use expenditure on wild animal is to preserve biodiversity. Some of the animals are essential for human well-being. If they do not exist on earth in the future, the survival of human can be threatened. For example, if bees disappear, people can only survive for about 3 years according to researches.
Today, protecting wild animals has been common activities worldwide. People have opposite views about investing a lot of money and time in those activities. While some claim that money should be spent on human life, I would argue that those efforts for the protection of wild animals are very necessary for people.
Nowadays, the government and environmental developers have been working hard to determine mix budget allocation for between wildlife and human society. Although human public always needs to invest about hospitals, education, transportation. However, the investing towards wild animals is also an important role because of some benefits which will be discussed in this essay.
The preservation work on wild animals has long been a perennial topic of interest and as an inevitable result, a huge amount of time and money has been spent on these tasks. Whilst it's unequivocal that exerting efforts on protecting endangered species can be beneficial to humankind, I believe that the human population should get equal attention and there should be more effective solutions to balance and maximize the utilization of the budget for both activities.
Spending time and money on protection of wildlife is more important than spending on human population. From past few decades the human population has grown enormously. In fact, which held to lose of environ and wildlife as well. As humans count is growing, the count of wildlife creatures is slowly eradicating.
In the contemporary world, some groups believe that plenty of money and efforts is spent on preserving wild animals, others think that this huge amount of money should be used for human life. While this suggestion seems to be reasonable, i firmly disagee with this statement.
In the contemporary world, some groups believe that plenty of cash and efforts are spent on preserving wild animals, others think that this huge amount of fund should be used to human activity. While this suggestion seems to be reasonable, I firmly disagree with this statement.
According to the survey, the wide variety of animal species found todayare very low when compared with the ancient times. Studies state that only one fourth of the wild animals are present in the whole world which are available in the forests and muezium. Protecting the animals is our responsibility and one most act accordingly for it.
It is argued by some that money expensed on wildlife protection should be used for helping people instead. I totally disagree with this view due to the following reasons.
In modern society, there is a heated debate about whether a lot of money and time is allocated to the conservation of wild animals. To a certain extent I agree that spending more on preservation animals is more beneficial,,however we cannot ignore the value of expense on the human population. This essay will discuss both viewpoints.
While some people believe that there is a need to expend more money to save extinct animals, others argue that we are wasting money by doing this and should be used in other concerning issues. I completely agree with the former view and in this essay, I will explain my viewpoint effectively.
It is true that a host of wild animals are on the brink of extinction due to humankind’s pursuit of economic development. That is why annually, global governments need to invest a colossal amount of money, time and effort for the conservation of wild animals. However, one school of thought holds that allotting national budgets for wildlife preservation is unnecessary. From my point of view, I strongly disagree with this opinion for the following reasons.
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