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The Internet has been in widespread popular use for just over two decades and serve as a major tool for communication. Some people say that the Internet has narrowed the distance among people, while there are others argue that it isolates people from real
There is no doubt that the fat children’s proportion is raising highly nowadays specially in developed nations. The question is, will it last if countries get rid of fast-food restaurants? Or it is due to parent behaviours?
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Influence of internet on society has long been debated. While a significant number of people visualise Facebook as a menace to the society, from my point of view, one should not alienate the progressive impact of community networking sites on humanity in
Today we have one of the most interesting and unusual things, which is called the internet. Some people think that the internet helps people to be closer to each other, however, others prefer to think that social and communities are becoming more isolated
There is no doubt that internet has proved to be an innovative technology. While some people believe that internet has been useful to bring people closer, others argue that it is responsible for isolation among people and communities. This essay discusses
There are many advantage of using internet that it has revolutionized communication.Certain demography think that being virtually connected has lead people closer together while other are the opinion that people and communities has become more introvert d
There are many advantages of using the internet that it has revolutionized communication.Certain demography thinks that being virtually connected has led people closer together while other are of the opinion that people and communities have become more in
According to some people, humans tend to have become more virtually connected. However, others are of the opinion that the boom of the virtual world has made people and societies more introverted than ever. This essay will discuss both sides of the argume
Nowadays, with the innovation of technology, the Internet has big effects on society when it comes to communication. While some people think that the Internet has brought people closer together, others believe that individuals and groups have become more
Nowadays, the innovation of technology generates the Internet as one of the greatest inventions. As a result of this, there are some people who think that they can have closer relationships than in the past. On the other hand, others believe that the use
It is widely believed that the internet has incredibly extended our opportunities to communicate with no regard to distance. However, some people believe that staying online too much negatively affects interpersonal face-to-face relations. The essay is go
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