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I am writing to request my accommodation at the college's hall of residence for the upcoming year as I have enrolled in the university for my bachelor's program.
I am a new student for the next year January intake in your collage. I will be studying computer science in your college and this is a 2 years course.
I will be a freshman majoring in mathematics education next year and am writing regarding some consulting information about the accommodation as well as my personal situation.
I am writing this letter to request my accommodation facilities. As an international ,student I have no idea or experience with my accommodation. On the other ,hand I Do not have anyone and no relatives in the UK.
I am going to start my college education next year in the UK. I want to stay in a college Hall of Residence. I would appreciate it If you can give me the information which I need.
I am going to study for my marketing bachelor's degree next year from September in London and planning to stay in the college Hall of Residence and I would like to know more about this place.
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