Men and women employed in full-time jobs should share the responsibilities of household chores. Do you agree or disagree? Share relevant personal experiences.

In this twenty-first century, people are moving towards living rich lifestyle. To achieve this, they are now more dedicated towards their work schedule. In addition, it is not possible for one people in current competitive market so, this days men and women both are working full time in their professionals to face their expences. Some group of people encouraging this habit and asking to devide their household work between them for better prospects. I am completely agree with their speech. Working hard in long day shift and then spending time on household work can make a single person's life so hactic in different ways. Firstly, a person can be get retired physically easily due to heavy load of office work and then looking after their children or cooking food, or washing clothes. This can be even worse if only one person is looking after all routine work. For example, in India, girls are working so hard in office and also taking care of cooking, and cleaning of house after work. Secondly, this hard time can be converted in to mental stress for the lonely worker due to less sleep, heavy responsibility at work place and then regular work of home can make person so sick mentally. Sometimes it can be eventually converted into more dangerous to their life while driving car or working with flame in kitchen. Finally, stressed person could be left job or get fired from office and get fall in to financial issue due to their tired mind. This will result into, the aim will never get fullfill for what people are working so hard to achieve it. However, working like a team and divding all house work can drastically change the life of a family. There are several benifits of changing this pattern. The top most, people can shared the work and can get quickly free from routine the work. They can enjoy this time with eachother and can learn new things. It will increase emotions between them and reduce mental stress. In additon, in one research it is said, the physically stress is always connected to mental strength. Sharing work can also release their physical body pain. Moreover, it is said that, Children are often learning from their parents and with this strategy parents can teach them the team work. Finally, working together and helping eachother inside the family can encourage other people to follow it. By this way, couple can contribute indirectly a huge part in making good society. In conclusion, it is good to expect good lifestyle and to achieve this, not only require hard work but also smart work and this only can be achieve by working together on common works.
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