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In this twenty-first century, people are moving towards living rich lifestyle. To achieve this, they are now more dedicated towards their work schedule. In addition, it is not possible for one people in current competitive market so, this days men and women both are working full time in their professionals to face their expences. Some group of people encouraging this habit and asking to devide their household work between them for better prospects. I am completely agree with their speech.
In the present age, the debate about employing adults involved in full time occupation and sharing domestic routines has been ongoing since eons. I strongly agree with the splitting of duties and this essay will further explain the health benefits and strengthening of relationship bonds derived from this.
To get started it is important to work every day, because the modern society is very expensive. Education experts say that the demand for a high level for succeed in the work.
The number of households where both partners work are steadily on the rise and that is hardly surprising. Women have already proved that they are capable of performing just as well as men on the professional stage. Some people believe that when both partners have full-time jobs, they should divide the housework evenly between them. I totally agree with this view. There is no denying the fact that when dual income couples share their household responsibilities, it improves the quality of their marital life. All women – both working and non-working – will appreciate it when their partners take the time to share the housework with them because it is a clear sign that their men care for them. When a working woman is forced to do all the housework without any help, it has a very negative effect on her mental and physical well-being. What’s more, it affects her performance on the work front. Working women who do not have the support of their partners are also more likely to quit their job. When couples share the responsibilities of domestic life, they set a good example for their children. Children raised in such families will learn the value of empathy. And when they become adults they will have no trouble sharing the responsibilities with their respective partners. After analyzing the situation, it is felt that working couples should be encouraged to share the responsibilities of their day-to-day life. It improves their family life and career prospects. By shouldering the responsibilities of household duties, parents also pass on worthy character traits to their children.
Gone were the times when just men used to work outside. In the contemporary world, both men and women are earning by matching shoulders. Some people thought that partners should share equal chores of household. This essay will discuss it is vital to divide the house task.
Nowadays, number of households, where both the partners are working is increasing steadily. Women have shown that they can perform tasks in a similar way to men, in the professional front. Many people believe that they should share household work as the couples are working full-time. I completely agree with this viewpoint as it saves the day and improves coordination between family members.
To be honest, the men and woman divide their routine task in home is a great perspective. the womans transmuted as a working professional in recent years as succesfully. so woman have already proved that they are a proficient performance just as a men. Obviously I agree that the husband and wife need to be share their home related tasks evenly.
In the current scenario, working couples are on the rise and it is considered by some that it is considered by some people that the responsibility of various household work should be shared by both men and women. I agree with the people as it will allow the couple to complete the work timely, having ample time for other recreational activities.
As it goes without saying that men and woman are two wheels of a vehicle. If one of them is missing or not performing well then the complete vehicle will under perform. Therefore, in my opinion, every couple should share the home works equally among them.
With women demonstrating their ability to perform just as well as men on the global professional stage, it is no wonder that more and more men are taking on the responsibilities of domestic life. It is argued that all household chores should be distributed evenly between dual income couples. The virtues of this arrangement will be shown by looking at the positive effects it has on both children and the relationship quality the married couple experiences. For one, parents who share housework provide a good example to their children of the importance of empathy. For instance, while working in Dubai, I taught English to children of several dual income families. These children were very proactive when it came to helping their parents with household duties. Looking back, I feel these children acted in this selfless manner in response to the living models their parents provided. As this example shows, parents who equally shoulder the burden of household duties pass on worthy character traits to their children. In addition to this, the relationship quality married couples experience can benefit from their sharing in the challenges of day-to-day life. For example, although my own mother never worked, she was always very gracious of my father when he would take the time to help her with duties around the house. This sharing in hardship helped to strengthen my parents’ union and acts as yet another benefit to the equal divvying of household duties between married couples. After looking at how equal burden can benefit a married couple’s children and relationship, it is clear that this is an opinion that should be supported
Household duties have been a heated topic of debate in recent years. While more conservative people consider house chores a women's job, others diverge from this opinion and see the responsibilities of such tasks as shared. Considering both sides of the discussion, I agree that house chores should be divided equally.
The modern world, where both men and women are workingwork full-time job. There is a uestion arise that Doe's household responsibilities should be shared by them. As per my point of view, house are made from families members so, responsibilities of home should be divided into the them.
In the modern world, both the men and the women have similar responsibilities to take care of the household duties. Even though the old generation believe that women have the whole authority of household chores, the new generation think the exact opposite. I agree with the statement that both have to share the domestic jobs equally.
Some people opine that nowadays both the gender are working in full-time jobs so the household chores should be divided between them equally. I strongly agree with this because ladies who work also need rest and relationship strengths with sharing household work.
Fully working males and females are required to share the activities of their homes equally.I totally agree with this viewpoint.This essay would elaborate on my opinion.
Our modern world has made changes to how duties should be shared at home. In the past women were responsible for domestic duties while men were the only breedwinners. Changes in this trend has subsequently influenced responsibility for family and household duties. I beleive that it is better to aportion household duties equally.
Male and Female , are both responsibility for their life expences specially, if they both work in full time.Next paragraphs I would clarify my view when it comes to sharing between men and women.
Gender equality is a reality in this current modern world, thus most men and women are employed in a full time jobs. Many people believe that both men and women should share the responsibilities of household chores equally and I strongly agree with this s
It is an arguable issue that men and women who work as a full-timer should be in charge of household chores equally. I completely agree with this statement, since many parts of our lives have been so different from the past when only women were forced to
With the women demonstrating the ability to perform just as well as men in the global stage, it is no wonder that men are also taking the responsibility to take care of the household activities. It is argued that working couple should share the domestic activities equally. The virtue of this argument can be shown by looking at the positive impact it has on both children and the relationship of a couple.
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