It is inevitable that as technology advances, traditional cultures will be lost. It seems that we cannot have these two things together. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some argue that technological imprivements will eventually lead to a loss on traditional culture from different parts of the world, as these two won´t be able to get along together in the future. It is not agreed that traditions are not going to be relevant with the advances of technology, because these last ones could even help the cultures to survive. The essay will firstly, describe how technology may help traditions not to disappear, and secondly, explain why some traditions will not get affected by the future innovations. Modern discoveries in informatics, and the way people live with technological improvements can complement traditions not to be lost. This is because many practices that come from old days have a higher risk to disappear if they are not spread across the world effectively. Therefore, new information systems, such as the internet, are a good way to keep this cultues alive, making it easier for people to learn about them. Even though future changes will categorize a large part of traditions as "not to be needed in the modern world", some of them will find a way to remain relevant. This is because cultures also have to do with family topics and values, that are transmited from mouth to mouth from older to younger people for generations. An example for this are traditions such as different types of food typical for a culture, or the way people reunite themselves in the table to eat all toghether. In conlusion, there is no doubt thatlong time cultures can be destabilitzed by technological innovations, but believing that these traditions will all eventually dissapear is a mistake. The human being has always kept the thing they value in a good place on their minds.
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