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In the era of globalization, technology has been playing a major role in transforming live of billions of people. At the same time, many communities across the world are in a fear of losing their culture with the raise of the technology. I completely disagree with the statement.
Owing to enhancement in technology, old traditions have lost their impact. Many opine that tradition and technology cannot be managed together. In my view, technology and cultural values intertwine together.
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Some argue that technological imprivements will eventually lead to a loss on traditional culture from different parts of the world, as these two won´t be able to get along together in the future. It is not agreed that traditions are not going to be relevant with the advances of technology, because these last ones could even help the cultures to survive. The essay will firstly, describe how technology may help traditions not to disappear, and secondly, explain why some traditions will not get affected by the future innovations.
In today's world, technology and culture have become an inextricable aspects because technology is leaving its imprint on culture. However, some opine that with the advancement in technology, traditional values and cultures are in jeopardy, thus cannot go together. Here, I partially accord with this statement.
Traditional cultures, at the present area , have inevitable been an essential part of people's daily life. A lot of people believe that we could protect traditional cultures ,even though in this technological society. However , some people consider that traditional cultures will be covered by modern technology. This essay will argue that traditional cultures will be completely saved.
In this modern epoch technology revolutionized each and every sector. Due to which traditional cultures are getting vanished every year. So, it has become bone of contention that with the technological advancement, traditional culture should be preserved or not. I will enunciate these views in subsequent paragraph along with my opinion.
Many believe that technological advances and tradition are incompatible with each other, and culture will eventually perish. This essay disagrees that both aspects cannot co-exist with each other. It will discuss the role of technology in spreading information about a country's traditional habits.
Nowadays, technology is flourishing leaps and bounds in all sectors. It is said that because of the advancement in technology , traditional values of the country is being lost. Moreover, it is argued by some individuals that both these cannot go hand in hand. I partly agree with this notion because technology is incompatible with the culture in urban areas ,but it is different in rural sectors.
In the globalization era, the progression of technology has become a necessary part of daily life. Opinions are divided as to whether many technological devices and advance processes have negative effects on several original cultures in various countries. Personally, I believe that people in this decade can combine technology advance and local culture in a modern way.
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Nowadays, technology has become a necessary part of daily life and in globalization, and we can see the progression of digitalization. Many believe that technological advances and tradition are incompatible and advanced processes have adverse effects on several original cultures in various countries. I think that technology and local cultures in the modern world spread information about different traditional habits.
The technology and culture’s customs are considered in two opposite side of each other among majority of societies’ people. Although most of traditions have practical root meanings, perforce it should be accepted that traditions are going to fade as a result of foreseeable advancement of technology. To prove this statement, the key role of traditional cultures restrictions as well as the modern life’s benefits, will be analyzed in this essay.
Identity of native people across the globe is mainly due to culture they follow but these days, with advancement in technology individuals are forgetting their culture and somewhere it is losing also. This essay will discuss and elucidate about the certain issue which is prevailing in the society.
Traditional culture has been a great part of one's life. ancestral values have reduced with the advancement of technology. It is believed that both can not be followed together. I strongly disapprove the statement. This essay will discuss the reason for my argument.
In today's world, technology advances may lead to the lost in traditional culture. You can see it clearly in Vietnam - the country in the rear South China sea, which lots of flights and ships go through form Western to Eastern.
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