Scientists believe that in order to protect the environment, people must use less energy in their daily lives. However, most people have not changed the way they live. Why do you think many people have not taken individual action? What could be done to encourage them to take action?

Our environment is negatively affected by the use of fossil fuels as a power source, which many people consume in various forms in their daily life such as petrol for cars and coal for generating electricity. While many people are not fully aware of the effect their actions have on the environment, they should be taught about how to make better decisions to save our planet. Firstly, people have not yet started modifying the way they live due to the lack of awareness about the issues they would face in the future. No one can deny that the consumption of excessive energy can harm our environment, but many people do not still understand the consequences of using this amount of energy on our planet’s future. That is to say, while many activists keep preaching about how everyone should decrease their energy consumption, people do not get enough knowledge about the alternatives from which they should consume energy. Secondly, it is the responsibility of our scientists and environmental activists to increase the awareness of the public. That is to say, people should get a sufficient amount of knowledge, which could be done by planning several campaigns to guide everyone to take positive actions towards our environment. In addition, people should not only be taught about the negative impact they have on the environment, but also they should be motivated to make better decisions by providing them with alternative green sources of energy. In conclusion, despite the efforts of scientists to discover the harmful effects of energy consumption on our planet, many people are still not aware of the consequences. These efforts should be spent wisely to increase the awareness and knowledge of the consumers about better options for satisfying their everyday energy needs.
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