Most people believe that stricter punishments should be given for traffic offences. To which extent do you agree or disagree?

The current era is witnessing an increase in different types of transportations in sizes, colors, and engines. Though this is a sign of great application of technology, traffic has become more worrying than ever, as the number of accidents also goes up every year. Therefore, one widespread opinion is that traffic violators should be punished stricter than in the past. This essay is going to discuss such an opinion. Most vehicle controllers are adolescents or adults, meaning that giving them heavy fines is an effective punishment. Since the majority of those people are concern about finance, warning them by taking their money has a lasting effect on their driving behaviors. To illustrate this, drivers in Vietnam are usually fined for about 300000 VND if they move on the street without turning the light on in the evening, which can cause dangers to passers-by or other drivers. This way of punishment, however, is only useful for the short-term since it cannot ensure that those who were fined would never make mistakes again. In the long-term, education has an important role in creating a right mindset for children who will be vehicle controllers in the future. There have been a number of classes about safe driving, which is more beneficial than implementing strict punishments for drivers. Students or children, once have been taught and educated carefully about the dangers of not driving safely, are likely to be cautious when they are allowed to drive a vehicle; in some cases, they even encourage their family members to drive safely, spearing the right mindset of being a good driver. A great example of this is primary students in Vietnam being shown pictures or videos that analyze many accidents on the roads. The students will understand that not having a good behavior and attitude when moving on the street could risk them or their family’s lives. To conclude, using education, not strict punishments, is a more well-advised method in correcting people’s mindset when riding their vehicles on the street. I agree that punishments are necessary; however, education is more of a long-term method that has a more lasting effect and is more widespread.
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