Some individuals feel that working from home, while of benefit to employees, is actually a drawback for employers. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Advances of modern technology have made the scenario of employees working from home come true. While some argue that employees are the sole beneficiaries, I believe that employers can also reap the rewards of this practice. Firstly, remote jobs accommodate workers with a far more flexible and efficient working environment than the traditional ones. Employees can set an environment tailor-made for themselves in terms of timing or decoration. This opportunity means that employees can get rid of unnecessary stress and restrictions from the workplace. Hence, a particularly ideal work space can secure efficiency of the workers, which is by no means detrimental to employers’ interests. Secondly, working from home is able to curb costly expenditures supposed to be paid by employers. In fact, by allowing employees to work at home, they can no longer need a large office building in which expenses for computers or electricity may be cut down on. Especially, for companies providing employees with transportation as a perk, the financial benefit is even greater. Therefore, employers could well put by a prodigious sum of money to facilitate other important activities. Some individuals might hold their position that working from home does not enable employers to supervise their workers well. This seems to be plausible as a result of lacking direct interactions. However, by means of modern technology, checking employees’ work is possible and even accurate. Additionally, employers can definitely judge one’s performance by making them to work to deadlines, thus workers have to exert themselves to meet the demand. By way of conclusion, working from home might be beneficial to only employees in theory. However, in reality, this method can also do wonders for employers in terms of boosting productivity and controlling finances.
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