Behaviour in schools is getting worse. Explain the causes and effects of this problem, and suggest some possible solutions.

Nowadays, appearing many children in schools behave that is lack of discipline. Let solve this issues that we need to consider the main reasons is causes of bad behave in schools quickly – family background, disruptive, large classes, their parents and the internet are the results of bad behaviour in schools. Some students has a bad family background and their parents abused them day by day. On the other hand, shaping a child’s personality either negative or positive through their parents. For example, the father is a drunkard so he always has smell and do not awake that leads to he regularly yell at the kid and even damage to his child. This reason affect the young students overwhelmingly that make them has a bad behaviour in schools such as conflict with others, against the command of teachers and so on. Additionally, the internet is the one of the reasons leads to a child have a negative attitude to the rules of school. Generally, there is no denying that the internet has no a positive side as everything usually that there are two good or bad sides. However, if their parents do not teach them how to use it properly on study or effective entertainment, the kid will be impact by the bad side of the internet. For instance, today on the internet has a lot of violent videos or even relating to extremist ideas that could influence to childrens’ mind. Moreover, it is not only the kid watched it but also their peers at school. Now, this is a time to organize a plan to solve this condition. The solution is the school that ought to have a meeting with the kids’ parents to tackle this problem as to be strict and not flexible with their kids. Or take care of the students, who has the bad parents as the government and school should co-operate to isolate these kids from their parents, taking them to other friendly family to bring up. In conclusion, these are essential things to tackle the anti-social behaviour of the children at school by carry out effective deals between schools and parent to definite their mind properly.
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