The charts below give information about attendance at entertainment venues and admission prices to those venues in 2009. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

There is a wild range of entretainment activities, in their free time people like to go out of the house and recreate. For that, there is necessary to have entertainment venues, that can be divided in three categories: Sports, Theme Parks and Cinemas. Looking at the first picture, we can easy note that cinemas are the most visited venues, there were more tan 1000 visits in 2009, Theme Parks were less visited, like 350 visits aprox. And sports venues have less tan 200 visits that year. This has a strange conection with the admission price ticket. cinema, which has more visits, is the one that has the lowest price in the ticket, only $15, and also have a familiar ticket, for 4 people, that costs only $55. Sports have different tipes of events, that have a range of prices, the lowest is the Cricket Game that costs $24 and the highest is the football game-AFL, wich is priced at $75. One ticket to a Theme Park costs $70 and the family ticket costs $210
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