It is observed that in many countries, not enough students are choosing to study science subject. What are causes? And what will be effects on society?

Nowadays, many students all over the world reject the chance of studying science subject. This can stem from many causes, which can give rise to several issues. Do not interesting with the science and long time for studying are two important factors responsible for this. As for the former, science subjects requires students not only have a depth knowledge of the basic subjects, but also hard working and little intelligent. As a result, science subject would be boring with many people. Moreover, it take long time to complete this program than others. This give rise to people have less time with their friends, families. For example, it only take 4 years to complete the bachelor degree while science subject can be up to 6 years. Prefer other majors than studying science subject can lead to several effects on society, the most of which are constraining the economic development of country and brain drain. To begin with, lacking of scientists could not research new technologies. This leads to we must buy technologies from other countries with the very high cost although there is not the latest model and we also must rent foreign worker to operate and maintain these machines. With regard to the latter, another issue could be that the quality of life will be lower because of the slowly development of science subjects. This result in many researchers, skilled engineers move to foreign countries, which have a better standard of living to work and research. In conclusion, lack of students studying science subject results from many causes, and this can lead to number of problems on society.
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