As well as making money, businesses also have social responsibilities. Do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, there are a number of heated agruments among parties about whether or not enterprises generate profit also need have responsible with community. On my view, I completing agree that all enterprises should run business in socially responsible manner. Firstly, community where have provided human resources for companies. Human resource is a most significant factor which assure sustainable development of companies. By the way, providing scholarships for exceptional individuals is a clever way to find the potential talented staffs. That is not only a low-cost marketing project but also the wise method that make potential customer have impressed with corporations, that also mean the outlet of their product will get a encourage from the marketing. For example Hyundai vinashin shipyards is the most building shipyard in Asian where have annually offered for foreign scholarships for students have good achievement. Not surprise, almost of those students become staffs at company after they get graduate, but those students are always back bone of this company. Secondly, all corporations attempt to achieve ultimate profit that also mean the increasing value income from tax for government. The government will use that money to invest to education, health care, traffic, army, environment. The development of all above factors will establish the wonderful environment for growing of the corporations. For instance in 2017, the highly unexpected value from tax that assist the government have built a large number of highway. These highway have made the traffic more convenient also save a numerous of time to transportation for corporations. Summarize, the social responsibilities is one important part of mission of business. The increasing profit will make companies more community responsibilities
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