Computers are now the basis of the modern world. They should, therefore, be introduced into classrooms, and their programs used for direct teaching purposes. However, dependence on computers in teaching may carry a certain degree of risk to students. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

It is hard to imagine life without technologies nowadays. Technological advances make human’s life better, especially teaching. Therefore, educators seem to depend too much on computers and it leads to many impacts on students. This loophole only can be sold by combining both modern and traditional education system. I believe it is really important to be aware of both the advantage and disadvantage of devices before applying it. Using technological devices for teaching such as computers is very common in present. Computers help the teacher to prepare the lesson better than before. Planning the lecture from the computer allows the educator to put in the sounds as well as imagines. According to students, pictures help them memorize the lesson easier. In addition, sound can help the classroom’s environment becomes more interesting and catch student’s attention smoothly. The application of computer already made a big move in the education system. However, over-dependent on computers can lead to many consequences, especially for students. Instead of giving a balance between traditional and modern teaching method, educators seem to promote the modern way and only highlight its benefits. The modern technique gives the educators plenty of opportunities to run the lesson without interaction among students. Therefore, there is a lack of communication and co-operation in the education system nowadays. In the present, pupils are shier than before. They afraid to share, to talk in front of the class or always feel nervous every time they do a presentation. There is a need for having both traditional and modern education system nowadays. The old method encourages students to communicate as well as more active. Enhance, the friendship among students is better. In the other hand, the modern method will make the lesson more interesting. Why don’t we combine both methods in teaching? In conclusion, computers are taking an important role in modern education. However, everything has drawbacks. In my opinion, I expect the educators can aware more about pros and cons in using computers as the main device in educating. To me, learning is the most important thing in this life. So I hope that the education method will be more concerned in the future.
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