Art classes, such as painting and drawing, are as important for children's development as other subjects, so it should be compulsory in high school. Do you agree or disagree?

I agree that art related subjects are important for the development of children. However, this does not mean that these courses should be added into the curriculum of high school as compulsory subjects as will now be explained. There is no doubt that art classes make an equal contribution to the growth of a child compared to other subjects. By studying art courses, children may enrich their souls and build up their spiritual life. My younger sister, a twelfth grade student, once told me that drawing classes help her not only improve skills but also perceive life from different angles, which colours her life. In contrast, other subjects such as computer science and economics may lead more directly to a position of employment, but life would be meaningless if people spent all their time working. Despite the above arguments, I believe that art subjects should be made optional rather than compulsory. There are those who are not interested in the arts, and forcing them to study these classes merely results in an unnecessary pressure on learners and a waste of resources that may otherwise be available to teach other subjects. For instance, in an average class of 30, there are statistically at least one or two students who have no talent for painting and fail to produce a nice work of art. This causes their level of stress to rise especially when it comes to a formal exam. In conclusion, I do not believe that high school students should be required to attend art classes although they are as crucial as other core subjects for the development of children.
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