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Although some people believe that art classes are important for children's development others don't.In opinion art classes are as important for child development as other subjects
In today’s society, the notion that older individuals should persist in their professional roles if capable has garnered substantial support. I wholeheartedly agree with this perspective, as it not only benefits the econ
Art classes, such as painting and drawing have been recognized as important for children's overall development. Therefore, it is an ongoing debate that such subjects should be seen as obligatory.
Nowadays, many schools have made it compulsory for children to take up art and craft classes. It is often argued whether these subjects are as crucial as the other subject for a child’s overall development, which is why
I disagree with the above statement that art classes, such as painting and drawing are as essential for a kid's development as other subjects therefore, they should not be compulsory in high school.
I disagree with the above statement that art classes, such as painting and drawing are as essential for kid's development as other subjects therefore it should not be compulsory in high school.
Subjects such as painting and drawing are as beneficial for children's development as other subjects at school which is why it should be obligatory in high school. I completely disagree with this statement because not ev
It has been a controversial and debatable topic in recent days whether artistry has as paramount importance as any other stem subject ,especially for kids from 6 to 12 years. The education is considering making art class
Art is one of entertainment aspect of human life. Art subjects, namely painting and drawing are vital for children's brain development as other subjects. I completely agree that Art subjects should be compulsory in high
Art has evolved so that it plays a major role in children's growth. But can it be lined up with the classes such as math ,physics in terms of necessity and become an official part of education? I completely disagree wit
People would argue that painting and drawings are crucial for student's development and they should be added the school system as a complusory subject. I completely argee with the point of view and in the essay i will su
Art classes in the art school might be really essential. However, in the general high school this subject may be one of the optional subjects. I agree that art classes are important, but in a particular school to be used
Art how school subject, could be much useful in education, it should be have the same significance as Mathematics or Science or English, therefore, Art classes should be considered as subjects in high school. I think tha
Art classes such as painting and drawing plays a critical role in skill childrens skills devlopment as equal as other subjects. I agree that utmost importance should be given to art classes and skills such as drawing and
Although art subjects are necessary for the development of students but according to me, it should not be mandatory it should be as an optional subject.
In the present era, most of the primary and tertiary schools give importance to art subjects as well as stem subjects. Some people think that every subject, whether it is related to arts classes like painting and drawing
People hold differing views whether art-related subjects are put into the school curriculum. While some people believe art courses should be regarded as the core subject, I strongly object to this view. From my perspecti
I agree that art related subjects are important for the development of children. However, it does not mean that we should add these courses into syllabus for high school students as other compulsory subjects as will now
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