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I agree that art related subjects are important for the development of children. However, it does not mean that we should add these courses into syllabus for high school students as other compulsory subjects as will now be discuss.
People hold differing views whether art-related subjects are put into the school curriculum. While some people believe art courses should be regarded as the core subject, I strongly object to this view. From my perspective, I think learners have the right to make a decision.
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In the present era, most of the primary and tertiary schools give importance to art subjects as well as stem subjects. Some people think that every subject, whether it is related to arts classes like painting and drawing or curriculum subjects which includes science, maths and social science are equally important for the development of the children's. It is disagreed that art classes are as important as other subjects because basic subjects are needed for improving the intellectual level of student and it is accepted for getting the reputed jobs too.
Although art subjects are necessary for the development of students but according to me, it should not be mandatory it should be as an optional subject.
Art how school subject, could be much useful in education, it should be have the same significance as Mathematics or Science or English, therefore, Art classes should be considered as subjects in high school. I think that activities with there could be develop creativity are highly important for all life skills, nevertheless I think that, at a certain moment in life, a person should choosing if art could be a profession or a hobby, therefore, it would be
Art classes such as painting and drawing plays a critical role in skill childrens skills devlopment as equal as other subjects. I agree that utmost importance should be given to art classes and skills such as drawing and painting which would enhance the creative part of the brain for the kids which is crucial as current situation not really allows children to explore the various option and are very limited to book reading which should not be the case , which would result in a safe careeer path but when everone becomes a sheep where would the innovation rise from ?
Art classes in the art school might be really essential. However, in the general high school this subject may be one of the optional subjects. I agree that art classes are important, but in a particular school to be used as professional skills. This essay will examine the importance of art classes from the perspective of general high school and art high school.
People would argue that painting and drawings are crucial for student's development and they should be added the school system as a complusory subject. I completely argee with the point of view and in the essay i will support my opinion
Art has evolved so that it plays a major role in children's growth. But can it be lined up with the classes such as math ,physics in terms of necessity and become an official part of education? I completely disagree with it and believe that craft can not be a part of education.
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