Some people think the government founding should not be used for supporting art and culture, others think supporting cultural activities may be beneficial for the population anf the culture. Discuss both views and give your own opinion?

Many people believe that the government should not invest in act and culture while others think that money can be used for cultural activities because it bring advantage of the population and culture. In this essay, i will examine both agruments and then give my personal opinion. On the one hand, some peple suppose that art and culture should be supported by the government. Many form of art, especially painting, each pictures is a meaningful story that painter want to deliver massages about life. Saving ancient pictures is way that can help people cherish the beauty of culture. For example, Viet Nam's authority built Ho Chi minh museum which show pictures about Ho Chi Minh's life when he lived. He has a great president. Therefore, art and culture touch us to value spirit and contact individual person with community. On the other hand, the others believe that the authority should not spend budget to support art and culture. There are more important projects. For example, healthcare and education put on top because this factors are directly impact on population. To be specific, the government could hold free health examinition twice a year for the poor, especially older. Morever, origanizing educational events about sex education, educational eproduction in the rural areas, which have not modern education system. This policies will improve population and grow economic of the country. In conclusion, it is underunderstandable why many people think that allocating to cultural activities, however, i believe that the founding should not be spent for it because there are some necessary issues which need to care of the authority.
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