As most people spend a major part of their adult life at work, job satisfaction is an important element of individual well-being. What factors contribute to job satisfaction? How realistic is the expectation of job satisfaction for all workers?

It is undoubted that job satisfaction is always the most crucial factor which gives a strong sense of well-being to people who seem to immerse themselves into work. This essay will first focus on what elements contribute to job satisfaction, and it will then address the question of whether job satisfaction is realistic or not. There are some recognizable factors that have positive influences on how people feel in work. Firstly, good working environment holds a vital position in job satisfaction. Should employees work in friendly and safe environment, they will feel secure because there are no surrounding latent risks such as aggressive coworkers or even downgraded building with a risk of collapse threatening their life. THEREFORE, they can undertake high responsibility for their tasks and collaborate well with colleagues to ACHIEVE BETTER PERFORMANCE. Secondly, promotion opportunity is also an influential motive that satisfies people in work experience. It is believed that some employees are simply interested in their current positions providing that their efforts are recognized by the company and they are given the chance of climbing up the ladder; as a result, they can broaden experience in the higher position. Finally, a company granting generous allowances may make a significant contribution to the job satisfaction of employees BECAUSE OF RESPECT AND APPRECIATION THEY RECEIVE . Unsurprisingly, people always have a high demand for entertainment and relaxation, so even they are entitled to a meagre travel allowance, which can satisfy them a lot. However, there is no possibility that everyone working in different fields can all get job satisfaction owing to the fact that each person possesses their own personality and standpoint and has jobs in various aspects with a distinct environment. Especially, with those who are workers have severe working experience, they can’t get paid as much as their production. Even though staff can work in an ideal workplace, they might be dissatisfied with their work due to stringent regulations and prissy boss. To conclude, it seems to have so many factors that can bring people job satisfaction but I still believe that most of the employees can’t get satisfied with their jobs due to several reasons such as high working pressure, inadequate compensation and average salary.
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