The table below gives information on consumer spending on different items in five different countries in 2002. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

The consumption percentages in terms of expenditure by 3 categories: Foods/Drinks/Tobacco, Clothing/Footwear and Leisure/Education are given for 5 European countries in 2002. Overall, the table indicates that spending belonging to the first group take the largest proportion for all 5 nations, then comes Clothing/Footwear and the minor of all is on Leisure/Education. There are two levels of spending on food/drinks/tobacco. Ireland and Turkey are in the first tier, with 28.91% and 32.14% respectively. Each of the other 3 countries has its spending in this category at about one half of those other two. This pattern does not hold true when we examine the Clothing category. It’s even contradictory in the sense that spending of Italy, Spain and Sweden is higher compared to that of Ireland and Turkey. Turkey is where people tend to invest the most in leisure/education. Compared to least spending country on this subject, e.g. Spain, the percentage is more than double (4.35% to 1.98%). The absolute difference is not much though, and all of the countries keep a low proportion of their expenditure on this group with also a neglectable variance.
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