Some organisations believe that their employees should dress smartly. Others value quality of work above appearance. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Companies are varied in terms of dress code. Some organizations prefer elegant clothes. However, some others ignore employee’s appearance and focus on their productivity. I think what staff should wear is must be related to the kind of work they perform. First of all, employees who work in front of clients and become very close to them must be well dressed. The people whom represent the enterprise have to reflect an elegant image since client’s decision is affected directly by enterprise representative. For example, receptionists are the first persons who meet any possible customer in a hospital. Moreover, the quality of the medical facility and health practitioners will be measured by the receptionists look. On the other side, staff who work outside offices in the field must dress practical clothes to enable them work in a comfortable way. For instance, maintenance staff in a medical center must wear a comfortable pants and shirts since they need to move a lot between the buildings. This type of workers is typically be in touch with their colleagues not the clients which illustrates that they do not need to be very well dressed. In conclusion, staff appearance should be related to their positions in the organization and their objectives as well. In addition, enterprise’s higher management must determine some suitable clothes for each class of employees based on their job titles and the type of work they perform. This style will help the organization to meet high quality level without affecting its image.
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