the government investments in arts , music and theatre is a waste of money. Governments should invest these funds in public services instead. To what extend do you agree with this statement

Governmental payment varies between paying its money on arts and public services, so there are two contradictories arguments. Some people accept that government must pay its money in public's services only, while others see that government should invest also in arts. This essay will discuss the different two view points and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both methods. First, arts and music can teach people to be quiet, calm and how to acquire values from the artists. Teachers in schools must teach children what is the importance of teaching those. Because kids and adults will know the culture of other countries. In Egypt there are a lot of examples that illustrate how my country is interesting in music as Omar Khairat,s Orchestra that admires millions of people. There are also a lot of tourists that come to watch Om Kalthom,s and Abd Elhalim, s parties. Hamlet is also an example of arts which is a beautiful art and famous around the world. Although there are many advantages of spending a lot of money on arts, there are disadvantages that come when the general funds invest in awful arts that will affect the next generations. To summarize the first point, there are a lot of important things to know when the local government spend on arts such as tasting the beautiful arts and earn knew knowledge about other countries. Second, local government should invest also in public services as bridges, fix the old roads and discover new roads. Expending on these methods is huge and enormous. The advantage of investing in roads will decrease the accidents in streets; this will lead to pass between cities easily. For example the time spends when we ride trams is shorter than cars in rush hour. Briefly the first and important thing to local government is investing in public services. In conclusion, expending on arts and general services are important, but the government must increase the weight that expending on the second approach. So I strongly agree that it must invest in two methods.
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